Help Your Students Succeed

Help Your Students Succeed

Keep high school students off of their phones.

About Pocket Points

Pocket Points is a free app for mobile phones that incentivizes students to stay off their phones in class, behind the wheel, and everywhere else. Students earn points by staying off of their phones. They can then spend those points in a marketplace filled with deals from local restaurants and shops and online retailers. Pocket Points has helped students at over 3,000 colleges and 23,000 high schools stay focused for over 2 billion minutes.

Earning Points

Campus Mode

Students earn points for every minute they spend paying attention in class. Super simple!

Goal Mode

If students want to earn points off campus, they can use goal mode. In this mode, students have to commit to a time goal and successfully stay off of their phone for the duration of the goal to earn points.

Drive Mode

Students automatically earn points while driving. Pocket Points tracks the amount of "phone distractions" they have per trip and points are deducted for each distraction. If there are 3 distractions in a trip, the student receives 0 points.

Spending Points

Gift Page

The gift page contains a variety of companies with deals that students can spend their points on.

Local Deals

Students can spend their points on local offers. These usually consist of discounted and free food from some of their favorite restaurants. There are also local shops, boutiques, and experiences available.

Online Deals

Students can also get deals at a number of online retailers. They have a wide variety of options including food delivery, clothing, electronics, accessories, outdoor equipment, and more.

The Role Of High School Teachers

Teachers devote their lives to helping their students learn and grow, both inside and outside of the classroom. We want to give teachers a free tool that will help them foster a classroom environment of productivity and help their students maintain a healthy relationship with technology. We think the best way to do this is to allow teachers to make their own "teacher stores" on Pocket Points where they can create and manage their own incentives that students can purchase with their points. These incentives can range anywhere from extra credit to allowing a student to snack in class. Teachers have full control over the incentives at all times. This program is free for students, teachers, and schools.

The Teacher Program

Teacher Stores

Students will be able to find and access teacher stores from the gift marketplace. They will still have access to all of the other gifts and discounts on the marketplace.

Student Incentives

Teachers create incentives that students can purchase with their points. These incentives can be for extra credit, classroom perks, or anything else the teacher can think of! These incentives are fully controlled by the teacher and can be edited at any time.

The Pocket Points Portal

Teachers can use the Pocket Points Portal to control all aspects of their store. They can choose the name, image, and incentives for their store and limit amount of times the incentives can be used by students.

How To Get Started

Currently, this program is only open to high school teachers. If you are a high school teacher interested in creating a store, please follow the instructions below. If you are an administrator, non-high school teacher, or anyone else, please share this site with any high school teachers that you know that may be interested.

Step 1: Create Your Store

Click the "Create A Teacher Store" button below and complete the sign up form. Once your store is created and live, we will send you a sign in link to your portal account. This process may take several weeks.

Step 2: Review Your Incentives

Sign in and review your incentives. You should also download Pocket Points and check out how your store looks on the app. You can make changes to your incentives, store name, and picture at any time.

Step 3: Tell Your Students

Let your students know that you're on Pocket Points! Don't forget to download it yourself, so you will have a good feel for your students' experience. You're now good to go!