Deliver Your Promotions Directly to Students

Deliver Your Promotions Directly to Students

The Promo Manager tool gives you access to our student marketplace and complete control over your promotions.

Repurposing the Student Discount to Make an Impact

In our world, your student offer is an incentive that motivates students to not use their phone. Use the Promo Manager to create a variety of student offers that not only grow your business, but also give students the motivation to stay focused.

What You Get

Company Profile

Manage your company profile with photos, social media links, a phone number, an address, and more.

Offer Management

Create, edit, and delete your offers. Set start and end dates. Limit the number of available offers... and do so much more.

Offer Tracking

In-store or online? We do both. We use a variety of tracking methods. Choose what works best for you: Barcodes, QR codes, unique coupon codes, affiliate tracking, or our simple phone based approval system.

Realtime Analytics

We'll show you how your business is performing over time. Plus, get breakdowns by offer, school, and location. Now you can find out what offers perform best.

Additional Features

School Targeting

Target the schools that matter to you so you can better manage your market performance.


We support business with both a physical footprint and online stores. Enable all your departments to drive the results they need.

Success Team

Let us help you dial in your deals. Our Customer Success team will set you up for success.

See It in Action

Click the play button to see how it works.

Super Easy Setup

We built the Promo Manager to support everyone. Wether you're a small "mom 'n pop" shop or a national chain, we can get you up and running in as little as 30 minutes. Join more than 3,000 merchants today.

Our Partners are Saying...

Kendall Pearl @ Pickleman's - Hallsville, MO

"It is the most effective way to reach the entire college base since the daily planners back in the 90s. The daily planners are no longer effective so Pocket Points is the best solution."

Camden Bernatz @ The Escape Key - Provo, UT

"Many students hear about our company for the first time through the Pocket Points app. And the ability to adjust our deals whenever we want allows us to experiment with different things, and track what works best."

Derek J. Sine @ Bohemian Guitars - Online Retailer

"It was a win/win for everyone involved. Students became ideal brand ambassadors for the brand as they progressed in their academic careers."