A Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh Air

Another coupon site? Nah. Let's bring your brand to life and grow sales, all while making a positive impact in the lives of students.

Cut Through the Noise

We've reinvented the student discount. We convert your offers into incentives that students earn by not using their phone. We've helped more than 300 universities reduce more than 600 million minutes of mobile phone usage. Join us for the most meaningful way to promote your brand and products to the college market.

The Ideal Solution for Online Retailers

Performance Marketing

We'll turn your coupons into student incentives. The result is greater buyer intent. Let us show you how to get more sales from the college market.

Attract New Customers

We are, first and foremost, a productivity tool. As such, we reach a variety of different kinds of students. Typical affiliate programs are plagued with serial couponers, but our core user is a typical student.

Differentiate Your Brand

Who would of thought your coupons could do good in the world? They can, and your brand can become a valuable member of our "student success" community.

Easy Tracking

We work with every major affiliate network, we have a Shopify integration, and we have our own tracking javascript. Integrate in a matter of minutes.


Do you have a retail footprint? Great. We do in-store redemptions, too. We can set your Ecommerce and Retail departments up for success.

Market Guidance

We help brands maximize their opportunity and intelligently make a big difference in the student market.

Out-of-the-Box Features

Your Company Profile

Get seen by students on our marketplace. You company profile includes all your offers and a link to your online store.

Offer Management

Easily manage all your offers in one spot. Create, edit, and delete your offers. Set start and end dates. Limit the number of available offers... and do much more.

Realtime Analytics

We track everything from the number of views of your company profile and offers, to transactions, with segmentation at the school level. Make smarter business decisions and be able to see what offers perform best.

Let's Work Together

Ready to do something fresh and exciting?