Win More Incremental Dollars

Win More Incremental Dollars

We help on-campus dining programs get more students in their doors and drive more incremental revenue. (Plus, our app boosts student GPA, too... according to an academic study at Texas A&M that's being drafted for a release this fall.)

The Ideal Solution for On-Campus Dining

Encourage Productivity at Your Campus

We turn student discounts into incentives for staying off phones. Students stay focused and earn deals from local merchants and online retailers. When you provide student discounts at your on-campus dining location, you'll be encouraging students to be more productive.

Be Top-of-Mind on Campus

It's a competitive local market. Our platform puts you right in the marketplace of student offers, ensuring that your offers will be seen.

It's All About Mobile

Market your offers directly to students on their mobile phones. Take advantage of our various mobile advertising opportunities to expand your reach and boost sales.

Offer Tracking Solutions

We have a variety of offer tracking solutions: Barcodes, QR codes, unique codes, and we even have our own simple on-phone solution. We can make set up and staff training a 15 minute process. We've done this for thousands of merchants and millions of transactions.

Manage One or More Locations

Whether you have one dining location or multiple across your campus, we can support your footprint. Plus, we can target certain locations to help boost sales at less-frequented locations.

Realtime Analytics

Access realtime data to monitor sales performance at each location. See how frequently students are viewing your company profile and offers. Track transactions with breakdowns by location and offer to make smarter business decisions.

Why Campuses Love Pocket Points

Boost Sales

We help develop programs that boost sales and address strategic challenges facing on-campus dining programs. Our teams can help you create a simple, yet effective plan to make sure students are aware of everything your dining program offers.

Reach New Customers

What you need is more leverage in your reach. Our marketplace of local and national offers attracts a variety of students. Tap into our app to reach a wider variety of students.

Strategic Partnership

We work with you to plan the most effective programs. We know the competitive market and how to win more transactions. Let us help you design the best program for your campus and business challenges.

Make a Difference

Help your campus be more mindful and have a healthier digital lifestyle. Many of the programs we've launched have seen a minimum of 1 million minutes of phone usage reduced in the first semester.

Let's Work Together

Ready to make a difference in students lives and win more transactions?