College Marketing that Matters

College Marketing that Matters

Grow your business and make a positive impact in the lives of students by incentivizing them to stay off their phones. Help us fight mobile addiction today.

Gain the Market Advantage

Reach a Wider Range of Students

We're a productivity tool first and foremost. That means we reach a wider range of students, not just serial coupon users.

Engage Students Daily

Students use the app on a daily basis to stay focused in class. That means more opportunity for your brand to reach our audience.

Do Some Good

Align your company with behaviors that benefit students. It's easy to repurpose your student discounts to incentivize student productivity. Let's make staying focused extra rewarding.

What We Offer

Promo Manager

Get access to our marketplace and be discovered by students. Easily manage all your promotions and related details in one place. View analytics on what offers are performing best on our marketplace.

Mobile Advertising

Where are students spending more time? Mobile. Reach millions of students via push notifications and exclusive placements in our app.

Experiential Marketing

Want to make a bigger impact in the college market? We create special engagement opportunities in our app, like branded achievements and challenges.

2 Billion Minutes and Counting

In the last academic year alone, we helped reduce more than 600 million minutes of phone use.